WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which is better?

Everyone today wants to take more use of technology and in this same concern the internet also have helped such people. Perhaps you know that WordPress is one of the finest and reliable online platforms, by using which you can easily create professional looking websites within some really quick time. When you want to use the WordPress then you will have to install the suited web server. On the other hand, WordPress.org is a self-hosted version of the WordPress. Hosting your website could be the main difference between these two mentioned online platforms.

There are plenty of differences available between the WordPress.com and WordPress.org. This can help people like you, who want to understand which one is the best or better to use. For this same purpose, you have to collect some basic and advanced information about these platforms. Most of the features of the mentioned platforms are similar and that’s why it can become difficult for you to choose or find out the best one. With the help of the following paragraphs, you can easily understand the actual difference between the WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Introduction of WordPress.com and WordPress.org

Now you can easily pick up the best one from these two by collecting some basic information about them.


It is a hosted service platform where you can set up plenty of things according to your desires. You will have to create your official account on this platform to access its features. You can create a website or blog within 5 minutes by using the WordPress.com. Both the basic and additional features will be available for you in free and paid upgrades simultaneously.

  • You’re not allowed to use plugin uploads
  • No backend codes
  • You can’t upload new themes

These are some of the basic points by using which, you can easily understand more about the WordPress.com.


It is such a platform where you can install the WordPress software to host your own web hosting account. A separate web hosting platform account will be needed to use this platform.

  • Because of open source development, it is totally free to use
  • You can upload your own plugins
  • You can access backend codes quite easily
  • Here, you can easily upload your own  themes according to your desires.

These are some of the points that can help you to understand about WordPress.org.

Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

After collecting some general information about these two mentioned platforms, this could be the best time for you to collect some information about the differences. Here are some major differences between these two platforms, and these differences can help you to choose the best one:

  • Hosting of your website
  • With WordPress.org you can host your own website/blog and vice-versa for WordPress.com
  • WordPress.com is not free but because of open source development, the WordPress.org is free to use
  • Difference of downloading plugins, databases and themes

With the help of these points, you can easily differentiate both the mentioned online platforms. This can help you to understand which one better or the best for your use.

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