Why to use WordPress for a Blog?

From business to personal preference, blogging becomes the common interests with plenty of benefits. It helps to attract the audience, tell stories, meet new people, stand out of the crowd and earn a big amount. There are WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, Tumblr and many other platforms with a huge reputation.
Well, WordPress stands at the apex in this list, and many people have the question that why? To understand the reason behind popularity, you can check out the below mentioned five reasons.

Unlimited Top WP Themes

The number of themes available at WordPress makes it stand above others because none other platforms have such amount of quality themes. Bloggers get –
• Ability to choose the suitable theme as per requirement.
• Easy to customize and add whatever bloggers want.
• Simple UI let bloggers customize as per need.
One can keep on exploring a range of themes at WordPress, and the ability to customize will help to get the best out of it.

Plenty of Plugins

No platform can be the best and offer all the features at one place that’s where the plugins play its crucial role. There are plenty of plugins available which make this platform reliable and the best one as compared to others.
As WordPress is the old one from others and most of the developers used it also. Due to this reason, you can get a range of plugins as per the specific need. It is not only for bloggers, but the other websites can also use it without any trouble.

Impressive Customization

Ability to customize matters a lot to add the bit of personal taste. There are food bloggers, health blogs, Fashion blogs, travel blogs, tech blogs, etc. Being able to customize is the primary reason, but other platforms are also offering the same then why are they lagging.
Well, those platforms have the higher number of bugs with customization, the UI is a lot more typical, and a beginner can’t use those platforms in the first go. Overall fact is, the easy customization tools with plugins to give the personal touch help here.

Search Engine Gives Visibility

Although you are writing blogs for personal interest, you want the audience to read story. Getting the rank in Google SERP is make sense. WordPress is the favorites of the search engine, and they provide visibility.
Being able to get rank in the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines will help to eradicate all the issues. WordPress gives the better SEO value and the websites also work perfectly on cross platforms, and it is mobile friendly also.

Easy Monetization

No doubt that everyone comes with the thought that he/she will make money with blogs. The first choice with blogging is monetization. Other platforms also offer monetization, but those are not easy to use and require lot more skills.
WordPress let you do whatever you want, and it requires negligible efforts to place ads which will help to earn money. The social media support is one more reason that increases the popularity of this platform among bloggers.

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