Top Blogging Tools for 2018-2019

Blogging and content creation are vital components when it comes to driving to any website. They are also a strategic weapon for digital marketing companies, no matter the size. Blogging is the best strategy ever employed in content marketing; People who have experience in blogging can allude to the fact. Blogging is a skill that goes beyond just writing and with the right tools you can have a crack at understanding the world of blogging and use it to your advantage.

We have put together a list of top blogging tools not only to make life easier but also to provide an ultimate experience for your reader. This list has everything a blogger would need to create and maintain a successful blog. It is structured into different sections to make it easy for you. We also added a short description to help you choose the right one.


Enter a keyword or a website name to find the trending topic. It helps you understand the current trends and also more engaging content for your keyword. If you go for a pro account you can also access their Facebook Analyzer and Backlinks Analyzer to identify which content is more performing.

Blog topic generator

Enter up to five keywords in the text box provided and the tool will spit out ideas for you. The first five topics are available instantly but you would have to register for more topics.


Quora is a famous social media platform where you can connect with like-minded people by sharing knowledge. Enter your keyword and in a matter of seconds, you can get scores of questions and basis for more content.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or not, Headline Analyzer churns out topic after topic which is engaging and on trend.

EMV Tool

The key to a good headline is to capture your audience’ attention at the first go. The EMV tool analyzes your headlines and gives you the EMV score. The better the EMV score is, more reach your topic will have.

Title generator

A complete title generator; Probably the only one you’ll ever need; It boasts of increasing your blog traffic up to 50%, maybe more. All you need to do is enter your topic and go.

  • Content Discovery Tools


Feedly is the best way to keep in touch with the current trends and also discover new blogs and websites. Enter your keywords and search for interesting content and subscribe via Feedly.


No time to read all that you want to. No worries! Register with pocket and you can save any content to your dashboard for offline reading. Your dashboard is curated with everything to your liking.

  • Content Editors (Desktop)

    Hemingway App

A one-stop shop for all your writing needs. It can help you clear your writing and also get the word count and reading level instantly. Also available are one-click integrations with Medium and WordPress.

Open Live Writer

A powerful blog editor that is compatible with Blogger, WordPress, DasBlog, Typepad and more. You can create blog posts, edit, add images and also publish from here. It also provides an option to create content offline.


A desktop editor that helps you to stay away from distractions and concentrate on the work at hand. Right now it is available for Mac OS and the price is also nominal.

  • Proofreading tools


Native English speaker or a non-native, Grammarly is a lifeline for most content writers. It proofreads and also helps you to polish your work with content specific suggestions and grammar checks.

Hemingway App

One of the most reliable and the most bookmarked tool for most content writers. It is a free web-based tool that tunes your work with adverbs, passive voice and lengthy sentences marked for your convenience.

  • Stock Images

    Flickr Advanced search

Images are important if you want your content to rated high in a google search. You can use the advanced search from Flickr to identify appropriate images with Creative Commons (CC) license. Images with CC license can be used for commercial purposes.

Google Image Search

Images make your content more interesting and attract more viewers. Using google image advanced search you can identify images that are free to use and share. You can use these images in your article to make it more attractive.


Pixabay is a great place to scout for high-quality images. You can use all the images here without needing to add credits.

  • Image/video recording and editing tools (Desktop)


Camtasia helps you create quality videos and images via screencasting. It provides a one-month free trial at the end of which you might have to purchase if you want to continue using it. It is available for both iOS and Windows.


Another handy tool that helps you record your desktops. You can capture your desktops, add a narration with the help of your front-facing camera and share it instantly. And Loom is free for download.


The most popular image capturing and editing tool among bloggers and comes highly recommended. It offers 15 days free trial after which you would have to purchase the version if you want to keep using it.

  • Keyword research tools

    Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps you identify relevant keywords and also traffic estimation for each keyword. It is free to use but you’ll need a Google Adwords account to use the keywords planner.


An all-in-one toolkit for bloggers and professionals that helps you identify the keywords that the blog or the website is ranking for. Apart from keyword research, it is an all-encompassing system related to SEO.

Long Tail Pro

New to keyword research, you are probably looking for Long Tail Pro. A desktop based system that helps you identify the ideal keyword to drive traffic to your blog.

Zigstat Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Now when your website ranks in google, you have curiosity to find out the keywords which drive organic users and rightly it should be there! As Google Analytics hides all the logged user search keywords as “not provided” . So in this scenario how to find ranking keywords for blog?

Well you can try this free Keyword Rank Checker Tool.

  • SEO tools

    Google Webmaster Tool

An all-inclusive tool that gives you data on keyword ranking, repeat content, and backlinks, everything at one location. You can also use it to track your blog’s performance and fix issues if any.

Bing Webmaster Tool

Get detailed insight into your blog with their easy-to-use tools including reporting tools, diagnostic tools and notifications to help you polish your site. The data provided is based on the bing search engine.


Keep an eye for broken links(both internal and external) with Integrity. It is available for download with Mac OS.  

  • Visitor stats and analytics tools

    Google Analytics

The best tool to keep an eye on your blog traffic and stats. You can get details on the source of your blog traffic, successful ads and also the most engaging content in your blog.

Jetpack plugin

The WordPress: Stats which works similar to google analytics offering you clear numbers regarding your blog traffic including individual posts. It also offers clear insights into the top search terms and also geographic locations.

Get your brand logo and website designed, social media marketing or maybe even your youtube video voice over done for just $5 at Fiverr.


A one-stop shop to hire to designers, virtual assistants and freelancers to get your job done for you.


Logo or web design; Get it custom designed at 99designs. High-quality designs for a nominal rate by talented designers.

  • Time Management Tools


Get all your to-do lists in one space at Wunderlist. Teamwork hasn’t been easier and you can also share your list with colleagues and set reminders.


Meditation made simple with Headspace. Stop all your blogging and set aside 10 minutes to get into space and clear your mind.

Rescue Time

Do you see time go by without being actually productive? Rescue time helps you keep track of all counterproductive work by sending weekly stats of your internet usage.

Self Control

Block your distractions using Self Control and see how much time you save when you are free from intrusions.

  • Social Media Tools


An active social media is necessary to keep your website high profile. BufferApp helps you be in track of your social media content. Using their mobile app “Daily” you can add quality content to your social media.


Hootsuite comes highly recommended for bloggers since you can manage all your social media profiles in one place. You can also auto-post content to your blog.


A recent launch and an affordable and easy alternative to Hootsuite. Like Hootsuite, you can manage all your social media channels in one location. Their awesome mobile app is to something you should try.

  • Images for social media tools


An easy to use and fastest app to create incredible content for your social media. The simple content and image creation makes your job easier and increases social media engagement.


The most famous among bloggers, Canva is the preferred social media tool. They have thousands of great designs available in all sizes and for all social media channels.


Make your ideas come alive with PicMonkey. It provides options for photo editing with awesome filters and templates for customized collages for your blogs and social media platforms.

  • Blog Monetization

    Google AdSense

Google AdSense is currently the best ad network. It provides with quality ads perfect for your audience. It is easy to work with and pays on time.

Propeller Ads

A reliable alternative to Google Adsense but with a low minimum for payout which works well for small-time bloggers.


VigLink is perfect for bloggers who use their blogs for commercial needs too. Apart from ads, it also lets you earn from outbound links.

  • Affiliate marketing tools

    Click Bank

ClickBank is a famous affiliate marketer for bloggers of any niche. They have various products from audio books to software. Bloggers can find relevant products of any niche to promote.

Share A Sale

Another tool similar to ClickBank with around 4000+ merchants signed up with them. They have quite a number of programs; Bloggers are sure to find something of their liking from the tons of affiliate programs.

Impact Radius

Not quite as popular as the other two but slowing gaining momentum among the bloggers. They have companies like MaxCDN as their clients.

  • Email marketing tools

    Feed burner

Feedburner is a free newsletter service by Google. Bloggers can use this to send daily updates to their subscribers.

Convert Kit

One of the best email marketing software out there for bloggers. It sure is not free but you do have a free trial option. They offer personalized automated emails along with prebuilt templates for their customers.

Get Response

Similar to Feedburner and convert kit, Get response is an easy to use email marketing tool. They also offer webinars and marketing automation strategies.

  • Landing page tool for WordPress

    Lead Pages

A trusted landing page tool not only for WordPress but for other blogging platforms too. With the free landing page template, you can create unlimited landing pages and drive more traffic.

Optimize Press

A complete tool for creating landing pages and sales pages for your website hosted on WordPress. Also provides interesting WordPress themes and templates. Once you purchase your license you are free to create as many landing pages as you like.

  • Web Hosting resource


The best hosting service for WordPress blogs and comes recommended by them. It is also affordable and comes with a free SSL certificate and also a domain name.

Inmotion Hosting

A new name in hosting service but the service is impeccable. They also support 1-click WordPress install and come with free SSD storage and free domain.


Looking to host on cloud and no idea how? Cloudways is your best option. Forget about the technicalities and just concentrate on your website.

  • Blog promotion tools


The go-to app to drive traffic to your website. Use Flipboard to curate magazine with articles from your website. Your magazine can reach a targeted audience.


What better way to promote your blog than to film a video promoting it yourself? Next time you want to do it, try MakeWebvideo.

  • Content marketing tools


Convert your visitors to subscribers with Sumo. Their heat maps and content analytics help analyze and identify what works and what doesn’t.

Buzz Stream

Reach influencers and connect with them using Buzz Stream. Though it doesn’t come free it is a must have to serious bloggers and entrepreneurs.



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