How To Write SEO Optimized Blog Post In WordPress?

SEO has a significant presence in the web traffic world. Almost every website owner wants to get an impressive number of users to visit the website and read blogs, buy products and lot more. It depends upon various factors that how much traffic you will gain, but if you get the rank in Google’s SERM, then you have done the job wisely.
Getting the top rank can be a typical thing and it depends upon how much traffic your website is producing organically; how much backlinks are done and how much optimized your content is. The optimization is necessary, and SEO comes handy here. You have to consider Keywords, Proximity, Keyword density, and readability score.
So, the above factors will decide that whether your website can rank or not. To end the trouble and score good rank in search, you can follow the below-given tips. Each tip is dedicated to specific factor, and it will let you know that how to produce optimized content in no time.
1. Post Title has an Important role
Choosing any random title can make your content less eye catchy and poor. Due to this reason, you should consider a good title with the Meta title because both are playing a significant role in ranking. You may not know the difference between both, but you can understand it by reading the below-given difference –
• A post title is what you are writing and what the users will read in it, so, it is simple.
• However, the meta title is used by search engine to represent your post in the top search.
The pro tip will be to use the targeted keyword in the meta title for the better results. However, there is a character limit, and you should not avoid it at any cost. Choosing a meta title which is below 66 characters can easily boom your ranking.
2. Meta Description Is attractive
A well written meta description is almost less than 160 characters and read by a vast number of users before opening the website. A mobile user will read the meta description and then open the website, that’s why getting a meta description for your website can help in numerous ways, and you can definitely rely on it.
All the popular SEO tools have a complete section for meta description, and you can write in whatever manner you want. But, if the meta description matches with the niche you are covering the blog then it will be a good choice. Usually, the traffic will stay longer on your website reading the content, due to this reason, you should use an effective meta description and check it many times before posting.
3. Back-linking and Anchor Text
As you know that backlinks are hyperlinks which make a specific text turn into blue or any color you want. When users click on that, they are automatically redirected to the old blogs that you wrote a couple of days ago. If you are posting a couple of number of blogs every month, then it is a good idea to backlink the old blogs with an effective keyword. It will create a chain, and the user will spend more time on your website.
According to some experts, Google uses an algorithm in which the stay time is also considered. If someone visits your blog post and stays on it or keep checking different pages, then your website’s SEO ranking will improve. You can use different tools to old backlink post with the help of anchor text, and it is always an impressive option.
The post title must contain the main keyword because it will make everything easy for Google and it will help your website or blog also.
4. Using H1, H2, H3 tags wisely
The heading tags are simple but effective for the optimization. In the SEO tools, the title is always considered as the H1, the second one is H2, and the same goes for rest. So, using a proper heading title is quite helpful, and if you are using the keyword in it, then you will gain traffic. The website optimization is the lot more about the use of keyword at the right place that’s why you can rely on this particular tip without any issue.
The use of proper heading tag may be hard in the first go but, try to follow all tips once and you will get used to it after a long time. Keep on using the headings will make your content properly optimized and easy to read by google. It will also help with the readability score in most of the cases. You can create the heading with <h1> tags and then represent the number of heading here.
For the first heading, the number will be one, and you have to close the heading by using </h1>. So, you can say that a proper heading is necessary for the better score of heading and you can find it helpful.
5. Eliminate Stop Words
You may have heard about stop words before where these are breaking your blog post link. To understand it with an example, you can consider a post titled “How to be the top blogger,” and the permalink for this post will be –
So, it is a troublesome situation where “To” is breaking your permalink because it is a stop word including “A” also. To avoid the trouble, the SEO tools can help you edit the permalinks and use the same post with the different link. You can change the permalink to –
Even, it is easy to put the keyword that’s why you can say that it is always the better choice and you can rely on it without a single issue.
Important Note: Keep in mind that the use of proper permalink with no stop words plays a crucial role. If you have posted a blog then don’t edit its permalink otherwise it can be a trouble situation, and it can make your post doesn’t get the rank by Google’s SERM.

As I mentioned how to find trending topics for blog post, which also helps in getting visitors to blog. So do check that also.

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