How to paginate comments in WordPress?

To be truly honest with you, pagination is really an awesome thing that can help the website owners to increase the website speed. When you are talking about your website’s SEO rankings then website speed is really an important aspect to consider. In many cases, you may observe that the blog posts having numerous comments load slower and slower than some other similar blog posts. As there are a lot of comments on your blog post, the load on the server will automatically increase without any doubt.

To reduce the problems that your users face while accessing your blog posts and comments, it is very important for you to paginate the comments. Comment pagination is a key aspect which not only increases the speed of your websites but also it loads the comments on your blog posts much quickly.


Comment Press Plugin to Paginate Comments

Simple ways to paginate comments in WordPress

As you have understood the importance of pagination now, you will have to become much more familiar with the steps that you have to follow in order to paginate comments in WordPress. Without thinking twice, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Log-in to your WordPress admin section

At the very first moment, you will have to log in into your WordPress admin section.  Make sure that you have connected your system with the internet before logging in your WordPress admin section.

Click on Settings

After login into your WordPress admin section, you will have to click on the settings option.

How to paginate comments in WordPress

Click on Discussions page

From here, you will have to choose discussions page alternative option given on the page.

Break the comments into different pages

By following the previous app, it may become easy for you to break the comment on your blog post into different pages of your website. it simply means that you will become able to break the comments in different pages and will surely reduce load on the server that you are using to run your website.

Prefer your comment page break desires

One should always give preference to their comment page break Desires to make full use of comments pagination option.

Enter Save changes

After following the mentioned steps, you will have to take on the alternative “save changes”.  If you will not enter save changes then the settings that you have made would not be applicable on your blog posts and website.  Therefore it is important for you to enter save changes and you will better understand about How to paginate comments in WordPress.

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