How to Optimize Images for Search Engines, Social Media?

As a blogger, you should understand that there is no shortcut to drive organic traffic to your blog or website. You will need to go through SEO Strategies and tools that will definitely help to improve the ranking of your website and to get more traffic to the website. In SEO strategies, you will need to use lots of tools and you will need to go through different techniques of getting traffic by optimizing your website and linking it with other platforms.

Image Optimization on your website is definitely one of the most important factors that will help to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results and will have to make the website and blogs more popular in the audience. As you know, well-optimized images can be ranked in the results of Google image search and it can definitely help to get lots of traffic to your website in a better way. If you are also looking for the right strategies for image optimization for social media and search engines, here are important considerations for you:

Always choose relevant and compelling images:

If you want to avail as you benefit with images on your website, and always keep the images relevant and compelling of the topic and content. If you are in the right and appropriate images in the content, it will definitely help to improve the ranking of the website.

Genuine source of the images:

Always make sure to get the images from the genuine sources and there should not be any kind of issue of copyright on the images. Lots of new bloggers make this kind of mistake and they don’t use copyright free images on the website. It can definitely cause several kinds of problems for the bloggers. There are several websites providing stock photos and images for websites. Always get services of these websites to pick the images.

Using the keywords in image name:

After taking the right image for your blogger, you will need to upload it to the website. During the uploading of the images, make sure to use the appropriate keyword in the name of the image. It will definitely make the searching better for the search engines.

Proper size of the image:

Image size is one of the important factors to affect the loading speed of the pages on your website. If you are using large sized images on your website, it will definitely have better quality but it will be very harmful to the loading speed of your web pages on the website. It will put the negative impact on SEO of the website. Always keep the appropriate size of the images to improve the loading speed.

You should also use optimized title tag and alt tags in on the website for better SEO results. It will be better to use keywords and image metadata on the website. With all these considerations, you can definitely get lots of help when you are looking to optimize the images of your website for the search engines and social media platforms.

You can also optimize wordpress for Seo. This will help to gain exposure as well as search engine visitors to your blog post.

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