About Second Space in MI User Interface

MIUI stands for Mobile Internet User Interface and it’s a custom
android firmware which is running on every Xiaomi’s phones. It
improves the feature of android phone to present with modified
manner. Such features called Users feature in Android. This feature
introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop, This Users feature allows multiple
users to access and use same android device. Files or any app date
doesn’t shared automatically between them until you don’t force to
share it, thus each user enjoy with their separate space.
However, This thing is different for MIUI, this concept has been
disabled and replace with name “Second Space.
So in this tutorial we will find how Second space works.

Second Space Fundamental
If you are running Xioami’s mobile and running it with MIUI then
default user will act as admin or owner of “First Space”. As name
defines second space creates a fresh new space without moving or
sharing data or application from First Space. However you can use builtin option to import data from first space to second space.
Once your second space is created then your phone will look like you
have reset your mobile or newly brought it with containing preinstalled apps.

Second space user has ability to set their own wallpaper, install new
apps as well as they can set their own separate unlock mode. The
purpose of creating second space is they can use different space using
same hardware device while maintaining privacy at both side.
All Xiaomi phones running with MIUI 8 or above then 8 are supported
with second space.

Unlike in User feature of stock Android you have ability to use multiple
users profile, In MIUI the number of space is limited to two spaces, First
and Second Space.

Shared Storaged Between Two Spaces
The created second space will use same internal storage shared with
first space, for example if you have 34GB free space on your phone,
then it will be shared between both spaces. You can check the utilized
storage by both spaces following steps “Setting >> About Phone >>
If you are using older version then MIUI Global 11.0.3, then you don’t
have to click on “About Phone” Option, you can find Storage option
directly on main screen of setting section. But in my case I am using
MIUI Global 11.0.3, so Storage option contains inside the About Phone.

In storage section you can see that same storage has been shared with
Second Space also.

Incoming or Outgoing Call and SMS

After creating second space, call doesn’t block, if someone calling you
and at that time you are in second space, you will still receive call as
well as you call him too. Similarly you can send and receive SMS also.
However contact list will not be shared between both spaces, when
someone is calling you, you will receive call but not able to see contact

App and Files Shared with Second Space
When you create second space, by default only call history and preinstalled app will be shared without any data, it will not share that app
which you downloaded manually, or any of your file data such as chat,
PDF, etc..
But if you want you can import any files or app to second space as
second space has the ability to import anything from first space.
Second space creates new environment for new user, that doesn’t
mean that you can’t import any data from first space to second space.
Since both spaces are sharing same storage and occupied with their
own size, that mean if you are deleting any file or app from one space
that will not erase from second space.
You are only not allow to import data from first space to second space,
you can also export data from second space to first space.

Play Store
When you create second space the play store will not be shared
automatically, either you have to login using different Google account
or you can use same Google account to login in second space which you
are using in first space
Although it’s not necessary to sign in to play store, you just need to
login when you want to install any new app from play store.

How to Add Second Space
In order to create second space we have to turn on second space in
running MIUI phone.
To turn on second space go to “Setting” >> “Special Features” >>
Second Space.
Note: If you are running MIUI Global 11.0.3 then you need to go to
“Special Features” section, but if you are running MIUI below then
11.0.3 then you can find “Second Space” outside of “Special Feature”

After clicking on “Turn on Second Space” you will get the screen of
choosing your method to switch spaces, in that screen we recommend
you to choose “Using a password” Option as showing in above

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