5 WordPress plugins to use

Are you looking for top WordPress plugins of 2019? Well, if you are then you are in the right place. By going through the following paragraphs you can learn about the top 5 WordPress plugins which you can use on your websites. You can find their uses and how they can be enhanced the experience of your customers who visit your website. By simply adding these plugins you can get the required help to manage your website properly. Most of the plugins are available for free and you do not have to think twice about getting them. So make sure that you first learn about the features of a plugin and then get them installed for your website.
Why do you need to use Plugins in your websites?
Many people ask this question when they use WordPress that why they need to use plugins. Well, you can think of these plugins as a tool which helps you in completing several tasks. If you are doing business online then it will help you in taking your business to a completely new level. You can get and provide new features on your website which will only help you in gaining more customers. In order to get the best content management system (CMS), WordPress already excels. You can find hundreds and thousands of plugins for your website. You just need to find the best ones which are suitable for your business.
Top 5 WordPress plugins which you can use in your websites
In order to make your website more creative and original, you will need these plugins to help you. These are the top 5 plugins which you must have on your website to make them more creative.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

The first thing which comes to everyone’s mind when you heard about the website is search engine optimizations. You have to focus on certain words and create catchy titles and many other things to get the attention of customers and improve rating on the search engine. Well, it can all be done by this plugin which helps in making your content more interesting. This is one of the plugins which you should always have in your website so that you do not face any issues. You can try it for free and also avail the premium subscription if you want as it is quite affordable.


Jetpack is one of the plugins which is quite popular among the WordPress users and some people even says that it is the first plugins which everyone should get in their house. It is one of the most convenient tools for any kind of business. No matter which type of services you want for your website you can get it done using the help of this tool. You can get various types of tools at free of cost as you can get a basic version of this plugin for free. From the social sharing to site stats you can manage various tasks without any trouble.

WP Super Cache

When it comes to website speed always plays an important part to get customers interaction. If your website takes too much time to load then you might lose some people. That is why you should use WP Super Cache which will help you with increasing the loading speed of your website. With a good server and this plugin, you can provide your users with a faster loading speed of your website. This will prevent people from getting frustrated and leaving your page.

Sucuri Security

Website protection is one of the things which you need to be careful about. If you want to make sure that your website is protected then you should install this plugin. Most of the people become a victim to hacking and lose their personal data to the hackers. And if you do not want to face similar problems then you can get advanced security on your website by installing Sucuri. It is one of the most amazing security tools which you can find which helps in ensuring various types of safety.


If you are searching for top 5 WordPress plugins then you must have found OptinMonster in almost every list. This is how much popular this plugin is which helps you in increasing the number of subscribers. You can easily customize the number of people who you want to send emails to visit your website. You will receive some amazing tools which can be used quite easily. For every blogger and business website, this is quite an amazing plugin which helps you in making more money by getting more traffic.
So these are the tops 5 WordPress plugins which you must have on your website. These are the top 5 plugins of 2019 till now and you do not have to think twice to try them with your websites are they are available for free and you can also avail premium ones if you want.
Why you should prefer using premiums subscription for certain plugins?
You might be wondering as to why you should prefer getting premium subscriptions for your websites. Well, you can find hundreds of reasons to get premium subscriptions. You will get more features by getting these subscriptions. Most of the plugins provide basic services if you use them for free but if you take premium subscription then you will be able to enjoy much better services. But if you are happy with the services offered in the free version then you can keep enjoying them. It is always advised to get a premium subscription if you want to improve your website to make your content better.
Well, these are all the amazing plugins available for WordPress which you can use. Whenever you are installing any new plugin for your WordPress make sure to get from the original source. Some people face malware issues when they install plugins from an unknown source. There are some safety features available for such issues but you should still be careful. So make sure that you enjoy using all these advanced features by using the best plugins for your website.

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